Too Clever by Half is Dumb

Recently, I came across a post on Facebook by an agent that was supposed to demonstrate why it’s so much smarter for a seller to use a realtor versus an iBuyer, which is relatively new.  Being “in the business” I knew this to be a truth as incontrovertible as water is wet and fire burns, and I’m not the intended audience for this post, but I was curious to read through it to see how she chose to demonstrate this incontrovertible truth.

From the outset, the post recognizes that there are some things about using an iBuyer that can be attractive to a seller, chief of which is the “convenience” of being able to close the transaction in a matter of days.  In fact, the headline reads “Is the convenience worth the cost?”  Cool.  Then it goes on to outline other figures with sales prices, commissions, service charges, etc. – and that’s where the wheels fall off of the proverbial bus.  At the bottom of the post, below the pertinent numbers, you see two figures: one is “Total Net using a Realtor”, and the other is “Total Net using an iBuyer”, both followed by numbers with NEGATIVE signs.

Even though I’m “in the business”, I had to stop and readjust my brain to put these numbers into context and see what they meant.  After I did that, I immediately thought your average seller is going to think two things after reading it: (1) what?, and (2) selling a house is a NEGATIVE experience with or without an agent, just less negative with an agent – weird.  The POSITIVE message of the entire post was completely lost – the question posed in the headline (“Is the convenience worth the cost?”) goes unanswered – because whoever created the post was trying too hard to be too clever by half.

I’m inserting here a version of the Facebook post that actually answers the question and leaves EVERYONE with a clear understanding of why it’s better to sell through a Realtor and how much more money can be made with the Realtor’s help.  If you want something like this for posting on social media, send an email to, and I’ll brand it for you and send it back in a post-friendly format.

realtor versus an iBuyer

In this business, we all use jargon and terminology when we’re communicating with one another – it’s faster in most cases – but the moment we’re standing in front of a customer (literally or figuratively), we need to stop talking “Nerd” and use English.  Not only does it ensure everyone understands one another, it makes the customer feel more comfortable, that we’re not talking down to them or over their heads.  Communication only takes place when the message is UNDERSTOOD.  If not, then we’re all just a bunch of Talking Heads, and we need to START making sense.

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