Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest Your Money?

Having a nest egg of savings gives you peace of mind. Whether you’ve worked hard to save more than you spend or recently obtained an inheritance, it can be tough deciding what to do with your money. Should you pay off your mortgage or invest your money? Our team of mortgage brokers in Tucson at Priority Lending […]

Housing Market Outlook for 2023: What You Need to Know

After a couple of shaky years, many Americans have burning questions about the housing market outlook for 2023 and how it affects them. Speculations of housing market crashes and stabilization offer few solid answers. As Tucson’s trusted mortgage brokers, we’re happy to provide some perspective.  For Buyers Will the housing market favor buyers or sellers? While […]

What Happens to My Mortgage If the Housing Market Crashes?

Residents who share homeownership with their banks often wonder what would happen if the housing market were to crash. Would it leave them in debt or without a home?  Priority Lending LLC includes some of the best mortgage brokers in Tuscon, AZ, willing to offer advice on what happens in these seemingly hopeless times. Also, we’ll […]

What Factors Affect Your Credit Score?

Have you struggled to get the money you need for a home, car, or other necessary expenses? Is a low credit score forcing you to live month-to-month?  Understanding what factors affect credit score changes can help homebuyers and other loan applicants develop better credit scores. At Priority Lending, LLC, Tucson’s trusted mortgage brokers, we provide opportunities […]

Understanding the Relationship Between Mortgage Rates and Inflation

Many homeowners and potential buyers or sellers watch the housing market with interest, gauging the best time to act so they can benefit from the best possible mortgage rates. With inflation rising around the country, mortgage rates may suffer some side effects. Learn about the relationship between mortgage rates and inflation from the best mortgage brokers […]

What Happens When a Second Mortgage Forecloses?

We know how devastating it can be when a second mortgage forecloses. Dealing with a single foreclosure is already stressful enough, and now you’ve got a second lender to worry about on top of it all. The possibility of any foreclosure can leave you stressed about your financial situation.  The trusted mortgage brokers in Tucson […]
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