List of documents needed to complete the loan process

Mortgage Checklist

What to bring for all Loans:

Mortgage Checklist. It is helpful to know what your mortgage loan officer will require from you prior to the meeting. Please go through this as it will help save you some time.

  • Unexpired photo ID for each borrower
  • Social Security Card (acceptable alternatives: Passport or Birth Certificate)
  • Most recent pay stubs (showing 30 days of income)
  • Most recent W2s/1099s (for the previous 2 years)
  • Most recent Federal tax returns with all schedules (for the previous 2 years)
  • Most recent Bank Statements/401k/Retirement Accounts/Investment Accounts (for the previous 2 months) **all pages in numbered sequence**
  • Must fully source ANY large deposits, except payroll direct deposits
  • Home Owner’s Insurance agent’s contact information
  • Current Mortgage/HELOC statements, insurance, and property tax information for any currently owned properties

What to bring if you:

Are Refinancing
  • Current Mortgage
  • Copy of Note(s) for 1st mortgage & Home Equity
  • HOA payment information (if applicable)
Are Self Employed
  • Business License
  • Business Bank Statements (for the previous 2 months)
  • K-1s
Are a Veteran
  • Veteran’s DD214
  • Disability Documentation (if applicable)
Are Retired
  • Pension/Retirement Income (proof of receipt on bank statements)
  • Social Security Income (proof of receipt on bank statements)
Are an Investor
  • All current mortgage/loan statements for all properties
  • Property Tax Information for all properties
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Information for all properties
  • All current leases
Have been involved in a bankruptcy
  • Initial Filing Paperwork with a complete list of creditors
  • Discharge Paperwork
    **For Chapter 13 bankruptcies: 12 month pay history from Trustee**
Have been involved in a divorce
  • Divorce Decree
  • Child Support Orders
  • Alimony
  • Proof of wages being garnished/Deposits of funds into Bank Statements

If this is going to be your first mortgage, please see our First Time Home Buyer page. Additionally, CreditKarma has further information.