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Dependable Home Refinance Services to Help You Save Money

Your mortgage may be one of the most important investments you make in your life. It can help fasten your homeownership dreams. But the fact that you’ll have to pay the mortgage loan until you retire can be stressful. Getting a mortgage refinance can be a great way for you to reach your goals sooner.

With a drop in the refinancing costs, it may be time to consider our home refinance services. When you refinance with us, you will notice that there will be little to no additional fees added to your mortgage after credits and rebates. Our refinance calculator can also help you determine if a home refinance can save you money.

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Benefits of a Home Refinance

Reduce the Length of Your Existing Loan

A home refinance can help you shorten your loan term to save on interest. For instance, if you started out with a 30-year mortgage early on in your career, you can refinance it with a 15-year loan to get a better interest rate. What’s more, you can pay less interest generally.

Lower Your Monthly Payment

Refinancing can help lower your interest rates. With lower interest, your monthly payments can also reduce. This allows you to put your earnings towards other expenditures and financial goals.

Build Equity Faster

With a home refinance, you can borrow more than you owe on your property and pocket the difference as cash. If your home’s value increases, you may build equity more quickly and save money on financing fees.

Our Home Refinancing Process

Step 1

Tell us About Your Goals

You can start by informing us about your financial situation and refinance goals so we can match them to the best solutions for you.

Step 2

Get Home Refinance Rates

Apply for pre-approval with us and get the best deal on your new loan.

Step 3

Submit Your Documents

We will provide you with a complete list of the refinance documents needed. Complete your loan application and submit these documents.

Step 4

Appraisal and Underwriting

Our team will order a home appraisal to verify the current value of your home and also review your documents.

Step 5


You’ll need to sign the final paperwork and close on your refinance.

Why Choose Us? 

Priority Lending, LLC has been providing home refinancing services to help people fulfill their financial goals since 1997. We use the latest technology to ensure your refinancing process is streamlined and seamless.

Our team also explains the refinancing process in easy-to-understand terms and guides you through each step. As a reputable mortgage refinance lender in Tucson, we ensure you get the new loan on time and without delays.

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Looking to get started with home refinancing? Priority Lending, LLC has got you covered. We’ll help check your loan options and determine if refinancing is the right step for you. Our home loan officers help homebuyers in Arizona, Alabama, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

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