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Priority Qualified Approval

What is a Priority Qualified Approval?

Underwriting a home loan is made up of two pieces: the home and the borrower(s). Most people overestimate the amount of information needed regarding the home. Really, all that is required is title work, an appraisal, and a contract - very minimal.

The borrower can be the complicated piece that can take underwriters down a wily road full of twists and turns. We are required to verify current income, job history, credit scores, any negative credit history, rent history, large deposits, etc.

With a Priority Qualified Approval, we can issue you an “all clear” to show the potential seller that you, the borrower, are fully underwritten and ready to purchase their home. Get your home loan 85% complete before you even locate the house of your dreams.

Contact us today and let us enable you to make an offer that’s as good as cash.

Priority Lending’s home loan application process is fast and easy. Apply now and get a mortgage quote for your specific needs. If you want a mortgage company that makes your application for a loan easy, you’re in the right place.

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