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Alexander K.

My clients and I love Priority Lending! They stay with you the entire process, keeping you informed about any changes in financing, rates, etc. Even when my clients have trouble getting qualified initially, they will help massage credit scores until they reach a healthy level.

I also don’t know of any other lender that shows up at the closing table! Special thanks to loan officer George Seeley for all his hard work and prompt service.

Brad N.

When moving from one state to another, selling one house and buying another creates many complications. Curt [Finster] was able to give me comfort in that I was fully qualified when searching for a house. I had limited time to find a house and knowing how much house I could purchase made a smoother, less stressful experience.

Christopher S.

GREAT COMPANY!!!! Can’t believe that they have had an angry client. THAT IS NOTHING LIKE MY EXPERIENCE WITH PRIORITY LENDING. I found George and Curtis to be very helpful and I found everything just terrific. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM AS A LENDER.

Daryl R.

Our experience with Priority Lending was great. As I recall, we submitted all of the usual documents. However, we were able to be pre-qualified instead of pre-approved. This helped considerably during the home purchasing phase. We knew exactly how much of a loan we had, and so did our realtor and the seller’s realtor. Once our offer was accepted, the actual purchase went without incident and right on time. It was great to deal with someone who knew exactly what we needed and put it all together for us!

Dominic G.

Thank you for recommending George [Seeley], because this guy blew that other lender away. The other lender wasn’t looking through guidelines to see what would work best.

Jason M.

My experience was fantastic!!! Curt Finster is the only loan officer I have ever met who was able to do exactly what he said he could. I was turned down by two other lenders here in Tucson. When I found Curt, he went over my documents and realized the other banks just didn’t have the program I needed.

If anyone has been turned down by another bank or they are just starting to look a getting a house, I can’t recommend them enough. I love my new house!!!!!

Jennifer & Dean G.

Thomas Abel is a professional in every sense of the word. He is extremely personable, asks the right questions, and possesses an expert knowledge of the lending process. Thomas was prompt, professional, and courteous. He was patient and thorough answering all of my questions. He kept the ball rolling and the refinance was completed a few days earlier than promised. There were absolutely no surprises at settlement. An excellent job!

Juli T.

I would highly recommend Steve Richards of Priority Lending. I had very little experience at buying and selling a home, but Steve explained everything to me and made me feel at ease from the start. He was extremely responsive throughout the process and always kept me apprised of exactly what was going on. The loan company for the person buying my house made a mistake that caused us to lose our closing date, but Steve went to work immediately to fix the problem and protected my interest. My real estate agent was also very impressed with Steve and plans to work with him in the future because he was so well prepared, so organized, and very experienced.


[Kerry Blackburn] was very helpful throughout the whole process. I had an extremely tight timeline to search to close the deal. If it wasn’t for him, I doubt that everything would have been that smooth. He is always on top of everything and has lots of good advice. Not to mention he worked with me to get me fully qualified before I even found my dream house. This was one of the main reasons that the seller picked my offer over 3 others, even though there were offers that were higher than mine. I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone around me who is interested in buying a house. In fact, a lot of friends have already heard me talking about how helpful Kerry is.

Michael S.

We used Priority Lending for our recent mortgage. We were able to do a Qualified Approval (which means that instead of being pre-approved, we were fully qualified for a certain amount). It was a fantastic process. We were concerned about how much we could qualify for and we were nervous about making such a big life change. We got all of our many questions answered and all of our concerns addressed quickly. When we found our dream house, we were able to negotiate from a better position with the Qualified Approval and we closed super fast. All said, we have and will continue to recommend Priority Lending to anyone needing help with a mortgage.

Peggy G.

George Seeley is the best loan officer I have ever used. I call him my lender savant, or in other words, a geek. He goes above and beyond to help people qualify and get the loan to get the house, especially for the little guy getting their first home. He is the Super Man of loan officers and earned his cape literally when he successfully completed one of my most difficult transactions where the buyer was on the knife edge of qualifying the whole time, and wouldn’t have gotten a home at all if George hadn’t gone the extra mile by calling higher ups on an old debt that had been paid off years ago but still showed due. I refer all my clients to him! If he can’t get it done, nobody can.


George [Seeley] is extremely efficient and knowledgeable when it comes to financing! He assisted me with 2 house loans in 18 months and I was approved and in both houses within 30 days. He also assisted me with my refinance, saving me thousands of dollars! George took the time always to explain my options and to assist me with an informed decision. He explained taxes and capital gains should I decide to buy other homes. I am very grateful to have George as my lender. He is the best!


We had a wonderful experience with our lender George Seeley at Priority Lending. He made the entire process of qualifying for a home loan quite pleasant.

He was there for us from start to finish. He called me on a daily basis to inform me of the progression of our loan, walked me through the needed paper work, and always returned phone calls for sometimes the same questions I’d asked many times over, making sure I understood the process. 5 stars is not enough of a rating. My experience with Priority Lending is worth 10+ stars, thank you George you’re golden!!!

Suzanne M.

I had a great experience getting my home loan through Priority Lending; specifically working with George Seeley and Chris Anderson. George is extremely knowledgeable, not only about different loan options, but the state of the market and economics in general. Chris was extremely thorough in gathering the necessary information to complete my loan.

I felt I was in good hands while maneuvering through this process that was sometimes complex and problematic. I felt like these two really cared about my home and were very good with communication. I got my home and am extremely happy!!!

Veronica & Andrew

We were referred to Priority Lending by our Realtor Craig Thompson, and let me tell you, George Seeley was a gift sent from God! He is AMAZING!!!!!

Not only did he help my husband (who is deployed) and me get our first home loan, but he went above and beyond and then some to help us be where we are today! 5 stars is not enough to rate him and/or his company; I would strongly recommend them over and over! George, you are AWESOME and thank you for everything!!! God bless!

Home Owner

THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! This is my third house and they made everything so easy to understand. My fees were lower at closing than I was expecting. It was great, I can’t believe anyone had a bad experience with the company. Curt Finster was terrific.

Home Owner

Curtis has been more than helpful throughout our process. He was very informative and thorough, and I felt he went beyond the normal scope of what his job entails to ensure we were taken care of and happy with our final result.

Just to add to my glowing review of Curtis’ service, upon telling our realtor who our lender was, she informed us that he was her favorite lender in the area, and that he was the only lender she knew who shows up at the closing of the house rather than just sending the paperwork in. She felt, and I concur, that he bends over backwards to provide that personal touch and outstanding customer service.

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