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Fulfill your dream of owning a home with our efficient home loan process.

Reliable Loans for Home Buyers

Owning the home of our dreams is a good investment. It’s a great way of ensuring your family has security. What’s more, your home’s value can generally increase over time. While you may aspire to own a home, a lack of funds can stand in the way of you achieving your goals. It takes a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice to gather sufficient capital to buy a home.

Luckily, our loans for home buyers can help you achieve your dreams. We provide dependable mortgage loans to help you own the home of your dreams.

How Our Loan Process Works

Step 1

Contact Priority Lending, LLC

You can get started by contacting us (520-231-1413). We’ll connect you with a qualified loan officer in seconds.

Step 2

Complete the Loan Application Process

The loan officer will walk you through the necessary paperwork and collect your documentation. Some documents sent through email may require e-signatures and docu-signing from our lenders and document system.

Step 3

Loan Submitted to Underwriting

You’ll have a loan processor assigned to you. To get in touch with you, they’ll send you an introductory email with their contact information. They will request additional documentation and ensure your loan is completed correctly. You can also ask them any questions regarding your loan type, interest rate, or loan closing date.

Step 4

Loan Reaches “Ready to Close” Status

The final touches are placed on the paperwork and your loan is prepared for closing documents.

Step 5

Signing with the Title Company

Following the email instructions from our Closing Department, you should schedule the signing of the closing documents with the Title Company. Remember the signing will be done at the Title Company’s office, not at Priority Lending, LLC’s location.

Step 6

Signing with the Escrow Officer

You’ll need to complete the loan process by signing documents with the escrow officer at Title.

Step 7

Reviewing Signed Documents

There will be a review of the signed documents. After the review, the funds will be sent to the Title Company. Then, you’ll receive the keys to your dream home.

Why Choose Us?

Unmatched Experience

Since 1997, Priority Lending, LLC has been providing mortgage loans to help people fulfill their homeownership dreams. Our teams will guide you through every step of the process so you can qualify for the loan without any hassle.

Latest Technology

We use state-of-the-art software and technology to streamline our loan process, ensuring it’s seamless.

Efficient Loan Services

Processing mortgage loans are fast and easy with us. We work alongside your real estate agent to ensure you buy your home on schedule and without delays.

Enjoy a Fast and Stress-Free Loan Process

Looking to own a home? Don’t have sufficient funds? Look no further than Priority Lending, LLC. Whether you want to buy a vacation home, investment property, or dream home, we’ll help you qualify for the right loan.

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