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Fads come and go, certainly, but you can’t always tell the difference in the moment between a fad and a trend – because refusing to adapt to the trends can be limiting . . . if not disastrous.  Let me share a couple of examples where failing to see where things were headed didn’t turn out well.

  • An engineer presented the idea of a “filmless camera” to the executives at Kodak back in 1975, but they laughed him to scorn.  In 2012, Kodak was forced to file for bankruptcy because they failed to adapt to the digital world. 
  • We all know Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but how many of us recognize the name of Ron Wayne (and, no, that’s not Batman’s brother)?  Ronny was the third founding member of Apple, and he sold his 10% stake in the company in 1976 for $1500.  His shares would now be worth over $50 billion. 
  • WAY BACK in 2000, Reed Hastings approached Blockbuster and offered to sell Netflix for $50 million.  Blockbuster turned Hastings down.  Netflix is now worth over $100 billion, and Blockbuster . . . isn’t. 

One of the current and undeniable factors directly affecting the real estate/mortgage world is social media.  Is this one of those adapt-or-die trends, or is it a fad that will be replaced by something else and relegated to the dustbin of history along with pet rocks and fidget spinners?  Well, let me hit you with some knowledge that I’ve gleaned from some pretty hefty research.

  • A recent study found that posting a photo of your coffee in a Starbucks mug/cup on Monday mornings increases your reach by 39%.  Including a pet in the photo along with emojis gives you a boost of an additional 12%.  Conversely, if the photo contains images of a cactus or other succulents, this will reduce your reach by 17%. 
  • The University of Leeds conducted a poll and found that people who post photos of themselves shirtless (men) or in yoga pants (women) are perceived to be 58% more credible in their posts and the information they provide.  A subset of that same study included real estate agents, and the shirtless/yoga-pants-wearing individuals sold 23% more properties.
  • In Australia, The Sydney Timespublished a report that demonstrated that of those who take photos of their food and publish those photos on social media, the individuals who posted more than a majority of vegan offerings were found to be devious and not trustworthy. 

As you let this soak in, and you take stock ofyour own personal/professional social media profile, let me add this last piece of information: I just made up those three items to underscore my point.  Social media are definitely here to stay, and refusing to use them can and will limit whom you reach, but to think of them as the silver bullet is wrong headed – it still comes down to knowledge, skill, and performance.  So keep your shirts on, wear something a little more comfortable, and eat a steak occasionally.

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