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Pencils and Shrubs: the Woods of Success

If I were to ask you, “What makes your mortgage company a good sales partner for you?”, your response would most likely resemble something like, “They do what they say they’re going to do, and they make sure the loan closes on time.” Am I close? Well, that’s a good answer – and an accurate one – but for a different question. That answer would fit better with “What makes your mortgage company a good service provider?” Do you see the difference?

The question first asked was about being a SALES partner – in other words, what are we doing to help you increase your sales? The mark of a good mortgage company is one that helps you become BETTER. In that vein, I have a piece of advice and an offer to help you become better.

The Advice
When NASA started sending folks up into the cosmos, they spent $12 Billion and ten years on developing a pen that would write upside down, at extreme temperatures, in zero gravity, and even underwater – and they did it. Meanwhile, the Russians addressed all of these problems in one fell swoop without spending $12 Billion: they used a pencil. Sure, it’s not nearly as sexy or as cool looking to put a pencil in your pocket protector, but it does the job.

What’s my point? Look for the simple solution – don’t get caught up in what’s shiny and new. If you happen across a new cell phone app that you find helpful, more power to you. But remember: you were an agent before that app came into your life, and that app can’t do what you do, which is sell. Whether you’re a part of a team, or you work independently, you and your talents are the most effective tools at your disposal – don’t surrender them to something that can ONLY be an extension of you!

The Offer
We have some shrubs in our backyard that have grown fairly tall, but they don’t look all that healthy. We read someplace that in the heart of the shrub, there are a lot of dead branches that keep the rest of the shrub from thriving. So, in order to bring the shrub back to a point where it has good, healthy growth, we had to get to the base of the shrub and start chopping away – in other words, we had to get rid of the dead wood. It was hard work and took time – time that would have been more fun eating nachos and watching a good movie – but it was worth it.

What’s the dead wood in your “shrubs” that’s impeding your growth? Not sure what it is? Let me give you a hint: it’s whatever that’s linked to your saying, “I need to get to that tomorrow”, but you never do. Whether that “tomorrow” item is a physical or a mental block, it’s a block. It’s certainly dead wood that’s keeping you from good, healthy growth.

Here’s the offer: Let us tackle the dead wood FOR YOU. We’ve done it for a number of agents, and they’ve seen measurable results of increased production. We can give you references – we’re happy to! Let’s sit down and talk about it TO MAKE YOU BETTER!

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