Only a Passport

  Do you have a family member or friend from another country who wants to buy a home here in the United States?  Now, the only thing they need to qualify is their passport. No income verification.  No reserves.  Just 30% down and an international credit report or letter of good standing with their current […]

Peace, Love & Tacos: A Homeowners’ Guide

Neighborhood Regret.  While that sounds more like a name for an ‘80s cover band who plays the Starlight Lounge at your local Holiday Inn on Tuesday evenings, it’s a term I came across in a recent article about how homeowners feel about the areas in which they purchase their homes.  Wakefield Research conducted a survey […]

Topless Professionals – Nope

  Fads come and go, certainly, but you can’t always tell the difference in the moment between a fad and a trend – because refusing to adapt to the trends can be limiting . . . if not disastrous.  Let me share a couple of examples where failing to see where things were headed didn’t […]

Mother Nature and Mortgages

  Here in the lovely state of Arizona where we live six months of the year seven inches from the surface of the sun, we usually have what we like to call a “dry heat” – not unlike an oven, if you will. However, for about six blessed weeks in the middle of all this wonderful […]