Happily Ever After

Most weeks, I try to share an insight or a tip I recently came across or an epiphany I had that I believe might help you in your business.  This week’s edition is about something I already knew (and I would hope you did, too), but I believe it’s worth mentioning again. A few weeks […]

The Kids Are Alright

Someone much wiser than I – which, let’s be honest, is a fairly large group that might have trouble finding a meeting space big enough to get together – once shared this little nugget with me: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”  As mortgage and real estate professionals, we’re required to take a […]

A Case for Condos

In one of my high school English classes, I was taught the difference between “denotative” and “connotative” definitions of words.  Let’s use the word “pig” as our example.  The denotative definition of pig is its actual definition: a four-legged creature from which we obtain, among other things, that food of the gods we know as […]

Wait is a Four-Letter Word

  Over 88 years ago, on April 18, 1930 for the 8:45 p.m. news broadcast, the BBC’s news reader came on the radio and had nothing to communicate.  He had been handed a script that he was to read – “There is no news” – so he read exactly that.  Following those four brief words, […]

Opportunity is Spelled E-Q-U-I-T-Y

  While cruising through Instagram recently, I came across a post that indicated 37% of homeowners in the United States THINK they have more than 20% equity while, in reality, 74% ACTUALLY have more than 20% equity.  Since this was social media, of course, I accepted this fully at face value.  The creators of such […]