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This is going to be a short one, I assure you.  This is probably stuff you already know, but I think now’s a good time to bring it back up and have a bit of a refresher course.  Are you ready? When people talk about The Fed and “rates”, they’re not talking about home mortgage interest rates . . . at all.  They’re talking about the “Overnight Lending Rate” – this is the rate at
Every day, we have the opportunity to reflect on technological advancements like cell phones and the internet because we use them to conduct business, connect with friends, find a little diversion, and so on.  These advances were made by women and men far more intelligent than I am (shocker, right?), which makes these advances all the more astounding to me. In a few short days, though, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of one of
Continuing the theme from last week’s Priority Pulse of offering something insightful and unique to your potential customers rather than reposting a meme that every realtor and their cat have already posted, I’ve prepared this idea for you.  This idea is meant to reach those who believe they know enough about the “investing world” that it’s hard for them to decide between purchasing a home or investing their money elsewhere.  (My “preferred” message for these
So, the other day I receive a newsletter from a fellow mortgage person detailing how the “little squabble” (i.e. the trade war) between the US and China is keeping mortgage rates down.  Makes sense: the longer the squabble lasts and more tariffs are introduced, the longer the global economy will hold its breath waiting for the next shoe to drop, and mortgage rates will remain lower.  It’s a tale as old as time – at
This is a few days later than usual – sorry – but the first part of the week had me doing some other things that, quite frankly, were more important.  I attended the funeral for the teenage son of some very dear friends of ours. The last gentleman to address all who were gathered at the funeral made a comment that reminded me of a very important lesson for those of us who work in