Last week, it seemed, the big news in the real estate/mortgage world was that conforming loan limits were increased for 2019. Without a doubt, that is interesting and tells us that, among other things, the housing market continues to strengthen and our economy continues to improve.  I’ll pause here for you to do the happy dance. Depending on your part of the country or your market in which you specialize, you may be dealing regularly with
A corporation was refitting a building for a new production facility, and they needed to know where to drill a hole in the floor to install something and avoid damaging existing piping and wiring. They called a local engineer who came out, spent about twenty minutes making some measurements, marked the spot where the hole should be drilled, packed up his things, and left the premises. A short time later, the engineer sent an invoice for his
Let me set the scene for you: a young man is getting ready to leave home for his first year in college, and his grandparents have sent him a check for $500 to help him purchase things to get started in this new phase of his life. FATHER:  “Take the check to the bank today and cash it so we have the cash to purchase your stuff. Cool?” SON:  “Sure thing, pops.” Thirty minutes later, the