Recently, I came across a post on Facebook by an agent that was supposed to demonstrate why it’s so much smarter for a seller to use a realtor versus the relatively new concept of an iBuyer.  Being “in the business” I knew this to be a truth as incontrovertible as water is wet and fire burns, and I’m not the intended audience for this post, but I was curious to read through it to see
Since the Fed’s announcement last week and the ongoing . . . uneasiness surrounding a trade war with China, the markets have been a little less than settled.  And that’s been a very good thing for interest rates.  In real estate and mortgage circles, I’m not hearing any complaining. What we do continue to hear, though, are borrowers thinking out loud about how much lower the rates can go and whether they should act now
On a recent loan, we needed one simple document from the borrower’s bank, nothing more.  We weren’t seeking lost pages of an Ernest Hemingway novel (I’ve read some of his stuff, and anything lost can stay that way, if you ask me).  The borrower went to one branch and was told that what we were requesting was impossible.  We’ve obtained this type of document hundreds of times before on other loans, so I was extremely
Once in a while, someone will ask me to name my favorite loan type.  VA?  Conventional?  FHA?  USDA?  My answer: it’s none of those; my favorite type is one that is CLOSED.  That was cheesy, for sure.  I felt my eyes rolling as I typed it.  Sorry about that. Regardless of the eye rolling and the groaning, it’s the truth.  If the loan is closed – no matter which one got us to that point
Someone sent me an article this morning about a major bank that will be offering a program to help people get into a home by providing them with up to $10,000.  Honestly, as I read deeper into the article, rather than sitting there and mumbling to myself that this is another cheap shot by the big boys to grab market share, I thought, “Good for them,” (and then I grumbled a bit about them grabbing