Keeping Mortgages Flake Free Since . . . Forever

  Some time ago, in a science class I was required to take, I learned something that I actually remembered. Here in the United States, manufacturers of food and other consumer products are required to list the ingredients in the order of their quantity in said substance, largest to smallest – and that’s the reason […]

Individual Value Trumps Group Opinion

  When my friend was in college, he minored in English and enrolled in a course called “Feminist Literature” (don’t worry, we’re not about to get political, I promise), which was taught by a very outspoken and intelligent professor who polarized the small university community. On the first day of class, the professor introduced herself […]

Perspective: the Key to Prosperity

  Depending on which news channel you watch or which website you follow, the economy and the world are either going to Hell in a hand basket or we’re exactly nine seconds away from entering Nirvana. We could go into the reasons for the differing perspectives, but since you’re reading this column, the only perspective that […]

Come to the Dark Side, It’s Fun!

You may be saying to yourself, as you begin to read this week’s installment of possibly the best mortgage newsletter in the world if not the universe, that this better not be about how we’re in a seller’s market and that I need to be “armed and ready” to fight tooth and nail (now THAT […]

Culling is Caring

“I’m not a very productive person, but I recently finished the internet. When you do, a picture of Bill Gates appears, and you get to enter your initials.” Traveling between appointments and listening to the radio recently, I heard comedian David O’Doherty share this little tidbit that made me laugh. As he went on to […]