No Matter the Cost

Every day, we have the opportunity to reflect on technological advancements like cell phones and the internet because we use them to conduct business, connect with friends, find a little diversion, and so on.  These advances were made by women and men far more intelligent than I am (shocker, right?), which makes these advances all the more astounding to me.

In a few short days, though, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of one of the greatest achievements wrought by the sacrifice and sheer will of women and men who did nothing more than step up.  June 6, 1944 – better known as D-Day – saw one of the largest forces of human beings thrown into the gaping maw of the Nazi war machine at a place where it held the high ground and had the odds overwhelmingly in its favor against the Allies.

You’re likely reading this on a smartphone or a laptop that is wirelessly connected to the internet while sitting in a Starbucks waiting for your next appointment or lounging by the pool after a long weekend full of open houses, showings, and contracts.  Technology is great.  The far-smarter-than-I folks out there who have developed these technologies have my respect – and they have my thanks as shown by my purchasing their device and/or service.

The far-stronger-and-braver-than-I folks who stepped up and did their part in D-Day are awesome, literally.  I am in awe of their willingness to do what they did.  Some had advanced degrees.  Some had specialized skills.  More than the vast majority of them, though, were our neighbors, our co-workers, our fellow parishioners.  Equal in number, too, were people who held wildly different political, social, and religious views than our own, but all that was put aside to preserve the one thing we held in equal importance in every corner of the world: freedom.

Seek out a member of the military this week and thank them for what they do – there’s nothing political about it.  While a few generations removed, they are the people who willingly stepped aboard landing crafts and airplanes to make their next steps on the solid ground toward preserving freedom no matter the cost.

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