How are Mortgage Interest Rates Determined?

Purchasing a home is exciting, but sorting through the different numbers involved can be complex and overwhelming. Still, the interest rate is integral to the overall cost of your loan, so understanding the calculation process behind it is essential. In this article, we’ll answer the question, “How are mortgage interest rates determined?” and provide additional insight into the process.

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What Determines My Interest Rate?

Several factors influence the interest rates you’ll receive from mortgage lenders when shopping for a home. First, these lenders analyze a range of factors about the borrower to determine the level of risk they feel offering a loan involves. These factors include your credit score and record of payment on other obligations, so maintaining a clean record can help keep rates low.

Another way you can reduce the cost of your mortgage interest rate is by providing a larger down payment at closing. This action reduces the principle of the loan and the risk to the lender, making them comfortable offering a lower rate. Additionally, shorter-term loans generally come with lower interest rates as well.

Economic Factors

However, the overall direction of the economy also has a significant impact on mortgage interest rates. When the economy is strong and improving, interest rates will usually climb. Conversely, borrowers will often receive shockingly low-interest rates when a recession occurs. 

Other economic factors influence these interest rates as well. For instance, increased inflation often causes interest rates to drop, while an improvement in Constant Maturity Treasury rates can cause them to rise. Additionally, the Federal Reserve also has significant influence over these rates, making them essential to answering the question, “How are mortgage interest rates determined?”

The Federal Reserve is a government entity that adjusts the national short-term interest rate. Although it does not directly control mortgage interest rates, mortgage lenders usually mirror the actions of the Federal Reserve regarding increases or decreases. Therefore, monitoring the movement of this entity is a wise decision for anyone pursuing a home loan.

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