Housing Shortage: Love is the Answer!

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recently came across a survey conducted by a company called CentSai
that involved 2,050 Americans aged 18-34.
The major upshot: Millennials are far more traditional about home buying
than previously believed.  Let’s take a
look at some of the stats from the survey:

will use an online site or mobile app to research neighborhoods, homes, and
prices (nothing earth shattering about that, but I thought it would be nice to
start off “soft”)
said they will use a LOCAL real estate agent instead of an online agent
(interested yet?)
said they will use a LOCAL lender (does that mean they’d rather have
face-to-face interaction over a matter that will most likely be the biggest
financial decision in their lives up to this point?)
plan to purchase a home in the next two years
you attempt to stop your head from spinning off your shoulders, let me add
something.  Currently here in the United
States, the 18-34 age group is about 76 million people.  Using the last statistic listed above, that
means 42.5 million people plan on purchasing a home in the next two years!  (If that last little tidbit did, in fact,
make your head spin off your shoulders, use some duct tape.)
aren’t being built nearly quickly enough to keep up with that number.  Add in all the people in other age groups who
are planning on purchasing in the next two years, along with the folks who will
be purchasing investment properties and second homes, and suddenly you’re
looking at the makings of quite a Sisyphean task for the real estate world (for
both agents and clients).  (A Sisyphean
task is one that’s impossible to complete; it was named after a chap in Greek
mythology who was forced to push a huge rock up a hill while showing distressed
properties to potential clients who refused to get prequalified.)  Fear not: I have an idea that can help a lot
of you.
Lending is going to become a matchmaking service –
the eHarmony or Match.com
of the mortgage/real estate world.  Both
agents and potential home buyers should come to us for a “get to know you”
session.  We’ll be able to get a feel for
your personality, your likes and dislikes, etc. and then start matching you up
with the right partner in this quest.
However, before we send you out on your first date, we’re going to
prepare you.  Agents, we’re going to make
sure you know how to answer any question your date will throw at you to assure
you get that second date.  Potential home
buyers, we’re going to help you understand what’s going through a realtor’s
head so the two of you can be on the same page –
it makes for a much more pleasant dating experience, which will lead to the Big
M.  Yes, you guessed it: Mortgage.
than trying to go it alone and
establishing your own love connection, come to us first.  We’ll get you prepared so that you make the
coolest power couple around.  That dream
house will be yours because NO ONE will be better equipped to negotiate and
find creative solutions than you will be!
Our new motto: Priority Lending, Love Conquers All!  Let it grow on you.

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