Your Money: In Your Walls or In Your Pocket?

    Despite the fact we’ve seen the likes of Magnum P.I. and The Fonz as spokesmen for Reverse Mortgages, there’s still a degree of mistrust out there that needs to be addressed. (Fortunately, when Tom Selleck and Henry Winkler are up there telling us about this loan product, they’re not dressed in a Hawaiian […]

Contracts Can Be Fragile

    The following is a story as told by a guy in our office – I’ve changed some of the names, but there really aren’t any innocents to protect here, unless we’re talking about the guy in our office. Mrs. Slaughter was both my Spanish teacher my freshman year in high school and my […]

Feeling Flushed with Success

  For anyone who is squeamish, you might not want to read this week’s edition of our award-winning, cutting-edge newsletter that some have come to believe may be part of the cure for childhood obesity – I’m just putting it out there, so march on, intrepid reader! Recently, in one of the bathrooms in my […]

It’s a New Year, Just Breathe

  By all accounts, 2018 should be very interesting with news that home values continue to rise with demand for homes showing absolutely no slowing.  So, with this new year upon us, I wanted to write something that would be useful – something that would act as a good jumpstart for what lies ahead of […]

The Power of Doubt

  We find ourselves in that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s – that week that feels a bit like the Twilight Zone where no one’s sure what’s real and what isn’t. Because of that, most people tend to focus on one of two things: eating as much as possible or setting goals for […]