It’s a New Year, Just Breathe

  By all accounts, 2018 should be very interesting with news that home values continue to rise with demand for homes showing absolutely no slowing.  So, with this new year upon us, I wanted to write something that would be useful – something that would act as a good jumpstart for what lies ahead of […]

The Power of Doubt

  We find ourselves in that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s – that week that feels a bit like the Twilight Zone where no one’s sure what’s real and what isn’t. Because of that, most people tend to focus on one of two things: eating as much as possible or setting goals for […]

Let’s Be Clear

  Recently, I went into a clothing store to look around and let the sales clerk who has an unusually high opinion of his fashion sense believe that I was going to purchase something – it’s always fun to tease those guys! As I was milling about, the following occurred: Older Woman (approaching younger woman): […]

Illustrating Your Options

  Last night, I finished reading a book (some of you might be shocked to learn this – you might find it even more shocking to learn that the book had absolutely NO pictures, just WORDS), and the author made a point at the end of the book that he purposefully didn’t give a step-by-step […]

Time for a New York-Style Housing Fix

  Previously, I’ve written about a man who works in our office who lived in New York City back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s – let me assure you that while that does seem like a very long time ago, it’s not nearly as far back as when the wheel was invented and […]