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“I felt I was in good hands while maneuvering through this sometimes complex and problematic process. I felt like these two really cared about my home and were very good with communication. I got my home and am extremely happy!”

- Suzanne M.

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Mortgage Lender Tucson. Our goal is to provide you with expertise from our experienced loan officers. Priority Lending provides the lowest mortgage rates available. Additionally, we provide the exact home loan to meet your specific needs. Originating in Tucson, we've expanded our services to the entirety of Arizona. Now we have a special focus in Phoenix. On top of that, we have mortgage consultants licensed in the states of Texas and Utah, with more states to come! Our MLS form can prequalify you for home loans. Let's get you on your way to a full Priority Qualified Approval for home loans. If you are looking for a mortgage lender in Tucson, we have you covered.

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Since 1997 we have been providing mortgage lending and home loans in Tucson. Tucson can trust people like you to help fulfill their dreams. We are the most trusted mortgage lender Tucson has. Priority Lending LLC provides the most options to assure you get exactly what you need. We do home loans Tucson needs in easy to understand terms.

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Our ethic is to work alongside your agent. This provides expertise and guidance. This helps to help keep the process of buying your dream house on schedule and without delays.
You always have direct access to your loan originator. We use the latest software and technology in the background. There are many different factors to consider in the home loan process. Appraisals, title insurance, inspections, and more. Your loan originator will be there to answer your questions. Guidance is important to help you through it all. Additionally, this helps you understand the process of obtaining home loans and mortgage lending in Tucson.


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  • “I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for helping me secure the mortgage for the property I just bought. I believe my case was messy and complicated due to the unconventional nature of my income and holding structure for my properties, but you guys handled it adroitly and resourcefully, so everything went through without a hitch. It was very reassuring to know you were handling my case!”

    – Al Go

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    “George Seeley is the best loan officer I have ever used. I call him my lender savant, or in other words, a geek. He goes above and beyond to help people qualify and get the loan to get the house.”

    – Peggy Gay
    Long Realty

  • “My clients and I love Priority lending! They stay with you the entire process, keeping you informed about any changes in financing, rates, etc. Special thanks to loan officer George Seeley for all his hard work and prompt service.”

    -Alexander H. Kairoff

  • “I had a great experience getting my home loan through Priority Lending; specifically working with George Seeley and Chris Anderson. I felt I was in good hands while maneuvering through this sometimes complex and problematic process.”

    -Suzanne M.

  • “My experience was fantastic!!! Curt Finster is the only loan officer I have ever met who was able to do exactly what he said he could. If anyone is just starting to look at getting a house, I can’t recommend them enough.”

    – Jason Murphy

  • “We were referred to Priority Lending by our Realtor Craig Thompson, and George Seeley is AMAZING!!!!! Not only did he help my husband (who is deployed) and me get our first home loan, but he went above and beyond and then some to help us be where we are today!”

    – Veronica & Andrew

  • “THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! This is my third house and they made everything so easy to understand. My fees were lower at closing than I was expecting. It was great. I can’t believe anyone had a bad experience with the company. Curt Finster was terrific.”

    – Home Owner

  • “We had a wonderful experience with George Seeley at Priority Lending. He made the entire process of qualifying for a home loan quite pleasent. He was there for us from start to finish, calling me on a daily basis to inform me of the progression of our loan.”

    – Phyllis

  • “GREAT COMPANY!!!! I found George and Curtis to be very helpful and I found everything just terrific. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM AS A LENDER.”

    – Christopher S.

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    What is home loan insurance?

    Posted by loantucson on  May 13, 2020

    TLDR: Home loan insurance (or mortgage insurance) is protection for your lender. In the event that you fail to pay one of your mortgage payments. Mortgage insurance does not benefit you. But, you pay for it based on the amount of money you put on your loan as a down payment. You can find out an estimate of how much you’ll pay for home loan insurance. All you need to do is look at your
    Buying a new home can be the most exciting purchase you will ever make. Whether it’s your first home as a newlywed couple or the long-awaited dream home where you intend to enjoy retirement, understanding what types of home loans are available, will save you stress in the long run!  Oftentimes factors such as credit score and income play a large part in what you can afford. Rest assured there is a loan out there
    A friend of mine who is far smarter than I am – hold the snide comments – sent me a link to an article that was written about two weeks ago.  I’ll include a link to the article below if you really want to read it: http://bit.ly/2020REoutlook This article is one of those that points out the reasons we should all be happy and dancing in the streets relative to how well the real estate
    Being a real estate investor (or a real estate agent working with one) is not for everyone, that’s for sure.  There is a reason people don’t dive into the real estate investing pool. They don’t understand how the deals are being financed.  Let me give you a quick breakdown of how some fix-and-flip deals are being financed. 6 important steps. You take the acquisition price – for example, $200,000; you’ll need to put down 10%
    In the not-too-distant past, marketing and advertising were costly and, quite often, labor intensive (which means “costly”).  With social media being readily available and free to everyone, that significantly evened the score for everyone involved.  So, instead of having a handful of players who have the money and means to go after a target audience, we now have everybody and their dogs (and cats) going after that same target audience.  In other words, the lake